WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vape Juice

  • Baker's Vapor "Cinnakrunch" Vape Juice

    Your favorite crunchy cinnamon cereal is now an e-liquid! This cereal vape juice combines just the right amount of cinnamon spice with a hint of sweetness, against a backdrop of that authentic cereal flavor you're looking for. Skip breakfast, and try a...

  • California Grown "Grizzly Apple" Vape Juice

    No other state west of the Rockies grows as many varieties of apple as California: from Sonoma in the north, through the Tehachapi Mountains, and south into the Pine Hills near San Diego, California's orchards produce some of the finest apples in the...

  • California Grown "Napa Nectar" Vape Juice

    Deep in the wilds of the California highlands, on the shores of glittering Lake Berrynessa, along the winding path of the Napa River, lies California's finest soil, in which the custodians of agriculture grow that king of the tropical fruits, the mango...

  • California Grown "Wavy Watermelon" Vape Juice

    Catch a wave of watermelon flavor! California Grown is a classic collection of flavors from the Golden State, and Watermelon Wave is no exception. This candied watermelon e-liquid is awash with genuine watermelon flavor, with an extra hint of added...

  • Chubby Salts "Melon" Vape Juice

    If you've never had watermelon bubble gum, then you're missing out! Try the amazing, mouthwatering taste of watermelon bubble gum in a nic salts vape juice with Chubby Salts "Melon" Vape Juice. Combining the juicy flavor of ripe watermelon with the...

  • Chubby Salts "Purp" Vape Juice

    Of all the bubble gums, grape bubblegum is the best! Chubby Salts "Purp" Vape Juice is a refreshing, juicy flavor from the masters of bubblegum nicotine salts e-liquid. Try this grape bubble gum salt nic e-juice today!

  • Chubby Salts "Razz" Vape Juice

    Chubby Bubble makes the best bubble gum vape juice on the market today, bar none. And now they've got a superb raspberry bubblegum nicotine salts e-liquid to add to their Salts line, Chubby Salts "Razz" Vape Juice! Combining tart, crisp raspberry flavor...

  • Hedz "Melonhead" Vape Juice

    Famed for their infusion of sweet-tart lemon candy flavor into their e-liquid, Hedz Vapor brings another fresh taste to the table! Blending ripe, round melon flavor with the contrasting taste of lemon candy brings a unique fruit vape juice like no other.

  • Hedz "Strawmonhead" Vape Juice

    If you haven't tried Hedz Vapor's new Strawmonhead e-liquid, you're in for a treat! This mixture of luscious, sweet strawberry with tart lemon candy flavor is absolutely inspired. Another big hit for Hedz, and a sure-fire all-day vape for you! Try this...

  • Hootie Hoo "Ballin" Vape Juice

    It's the season for watermelon, it's the season for ballin', and it's always the season for gummy flavors! Ballin is an amazing new watermelon gummy e-liquid from Hootie Hoo that'll get you on the court and on point. Ripe, fresh watermelon taste blends...

  • Hootie Hoo "Hella" Vape Juice

    Oh, this one is hella powerful! Sour grape vape juice like you've never had before: pucker up and prepare yourself for clouds of sour grape flavor. It starts with a candied grape taste that's fresh and juicy, and then the pucker comes in. Like the best...

  • Hootie Hoo "Player Hater" Vape Juice

    It begins with a rush of red, ripe strawberry, followed by a hint of juicy, sweet kiwi. Then it becomes something totally unlike anything you've had before, with the tart, crisp finish of lychee berry! This strawberry/kiwi/lychee vape juice is a unique...

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