WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Salt Bae 50

  • Salt Bae "Blue Raspberry Lemonade" Vape Juice

    What's more classic on a hot summer's day than a glass of cool, refreshing lemonade? And what better to add some zing to your lemonade than the crisp, fruity taste of blue raspberry! This lemonade and blue raspberry e-liquid blend is the perfect nic...

  • Salt Bae "Georgia Peach" Vape Juice

    There's nothing sweeter than a Georgia Peach! This peach salt nic e-liquid brings just the right authentic fruity note, but brings plenty of sweetness to the table, as well. Perhaps the best peach nic salts vape juice we've tried! This nicotine salts...

  • Salt Bae "Green Apple" Vape Juice

    SaltBae50 is well-known for having the best selection of fruit nic salts vape juice, and this Green Apple flavor is no exception! This salt nic vape juice carries the flavor of real green apples: tart and crisp, ripe and green. This should be your go-to...

  • Salt Bae "ICED Blue Raspberry Lemonade" Vape Juice

    When even the cold, crisp taste of lemonade can't cool you off, when even chilled blue raspberry isn't enough to quench your fire, reach for SaltBae50 Iced Blue Raspberry Lemonade! This refreshing blue raspberry lemonade salt nic vape juice has just the...

  • Salt Bae "ICED Green Apple" Vape Juice

    The only thing more refreshing than green apple is menthol green apple! Using the same great flavor as their Green Apple, but with a hint of menthol, makes for the most amazing green apple menthol nic salts vape juice on the market! Crisp and tart, with...

  • Salt Bae "ICED Juicy Watermelon" Vape Juice

    For those days when you can't get cool enough! Juicy, ripe watermelon is cut with just the right hint of menthol for a perfect summer vape! Cool off on a hot day with this watermelon menthol salt nic vape juice. This nicotine salts vape juice is...

  • Salt Bae "ICED Winter Green" Vape Juice

    Fresh wintergreen, all day, with a hint of menthol for added freshness! This clean, crisp wintergreen nic salts vape juice is a smooth, brisk mint flavor, backed with a breath of menthol that chills and soothes. Like a breath mint, in your pod...

  • Salt Bae "Juicy Watermelon" Vape Juice

    Authentic summer flavor! This watermelon salt nic vape juice captures the flavor of real, crisp, juicy watermelon, and combines it with SaltBae50's signature nicotine salt, for the ideal watermelon vape juice for summertime - or any time! This nicotine...

  • Salt Bae "Red Mango" Vape Juice

    SaltBae50 proclaims this "Best Mango on the market", and we're inclined to agree! This luscious tropical fruit vape is just the right blend of sweet and fruity, making for the smoothest mango nic salts vape juice we've tried. This nicotine salts vape...

  • Salt Bae "Strawberry Kiwi" Vape Juice

    No combination of flavors is as classic and that of kiwi and strawberry. SaltBae50 brings these two favorites together for a nicotine salts vape juice that's authentic and smooth enough to be an all-day vape. The strawberry dominates on the inhale, and...

  • Salt Bae 50 "Fruit Punch" Vape Juice

    It's that indefinable, faintly tropical, mouth-staining blend of every fruit in the world: Fruit Punch! Salt Bae 50 brings your favorite mixed fruit drink to your pod system with their new fruit punch nic salts e-liquid. Ride a wave of nostalgia with...

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