WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Revenge Vapes

  • Revenge Vapes "Marie Laveau" Vape Juice

    The Voodoo Queen has produced a magical potion! With more than a dozen fruit flavors, we challenge you to identify them all. This mixed fruit blend is fresh and tropical, and would be every bit as...

  • Revenge Vapes "Payback" Vape Juice

    This amazing vape juice brings ripe, luscious strawberries together with delicate, flaky pastry, and then fills the whole thing with rich cream cheese! More strawberry turnover than strawberry...

  • Revenge Vapes "Punishment" Vape Juice

    Maybe it's not summer where you are right now, but that doesn't really matter: any time of year is right for blue raspberry slushies! This refreshing vape juice is like no other: chill blue razz,...

  • Revenge Vapes "Retaliation" Vape Juice

    It's Marie Laveau on ice! As if their amazing blended fruit vape wasn't cool enough, now Revenge Vapes has added the extra rush of chill that comes from menthol. There is no other vape that's so...

  • Revenge Vapes Salts "Marie Laveau" Vape Juice

    The amazing blended fruit vape - now in nicotine salts! This amazing bayou potion brings more than a dozen mixed fruit flavors to the party. Cool and refreshing, this jungle juice is a surefire salt...

  • Revenge Vapes Salts "Payback" Vape Juice

    The amazing strawberry turnover vape juice - now in nic salts! This special salt nic vape juice blends an amazingly authentic strawberry flavor together with a light, flaky pastry flavor, and fills...

  • Revenge Vapes Salts "Punishment" Vape Juice

    Blue raspberry slushies - now in nic salts! Revenge Vapes has brought their famous blue razz slush flavor to their salt nic line, so you can enjoy that crisp, icy blue raspberry with your favorite...

  • Revenge Vapes Salts "Retaliation" Vape Juice

    First, you start with Marie Laveau, Revenge Vapes' astonishingly fruity blended drink vape. Then you add a splash of menthol to make it even icier! Finally, sub in the salt nic so you can vape this...

  • Revenge Vapes Salts "Vengeance" Vape Juice

    Revenge Vapes' amazing caramel cream vape juice is now available in nicotine salts! Vengeance has a huge caramel flavor, rich and deep, and a sweet, creamy undertone that begs for another inhale...

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