WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Our Team

Kristen & James Bearup | Owners

Kristen & James Bearup Owners

For years, James and Kristen were heavy smokers and hated every minute of it. After they were married, a decision was made to make a change. James & Kristen started Kalamazoo Vapor in 2010 out of the Kalamazoo Electric Motor Shop. Shortly after seeing the demand for an alternative to smoking, they opened their first location on Portage Rd in Kalamazoo, MI. 10 years and 11 stores later, James & Kristen have seen their mom and pop shop turn into a legacy. Welcome to Kalamazoo Vapor: the taste that fits your lifestyle.

Scott Church | Chief Operations

Scott Church Chief Operations Officer

Where to even begin? Meet Scott, our chief operations officer. Scott has been in the vape industry since it first began over 10 years ago. Coming to work for KVS in 2016, Scott dove right into the fire and began perfecting our company. On any given day you can find Scott in the juice room, his office, the warehouse floor, our stores, to the juice room. Wait, did I say that twice? This guy never stays put as he is always on the move and getting his hands dirty.

Kelcie Sutton | Warehouse Manager

Kelcie Sutton Warehouse Manager

Meet Kelcie, our warehouse manager. If you have ordered from us, chances are she has had a hand in your order. Kelcie operates behind the scenes of KVS and is one of our hardest, most dedicated employees. From pulling orders, packing, shipping, inventory, and much more, Kelcie and her hoodie run around our warehouse all day making sure YOUR order is done to perfection.

Joe Shannon | District Manager

Joe Shannon District Manager

Joe, what can we say about you? How about your love and dedication for stores is so fierce we NEVER see you at the office? Joe spends the majority of his time traveling to our stores and helping our employees better themselves and their store. But it doesn’t stop there, does it? More than likely you have seen Joe working behind the counter and helping customers without even being asked. And yes, that is most definitely our KVS Admiral Berry e-liquid you smell on his breath.

Jerrod Willbrandt | Office Manager/Graphic Design

Jerrod Willbrandt Office Manager/Graphic Design

On any given day, Jerrod could be working on accounting, graphics, social media, or the website. Bouncing between two computers, Jerrod utilizes his 4 monitors to grind out work for KVS. When he isn’t doing any of that, he is most likely bugging Scott to try new flavors that are sent in from all over the world. That, or trying to be a comedian among the rest of the staff.

Josh Kimber | Sales Executive

Josh Kimber Sales Executive

Starting out as a store employee, Josh learned he had a real talent and passion for selling e-liquid. If you have been to a vape convention we have attended, chances are you have come across this tall tattooed fella who greeted you with a smile. Josh spends all of time on the phone, computer, and the road, trying to bring our e-liquid to a store near you. PS: next time you see him, walk up to him and talk about how much hockey is the worst sport ever.

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