WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


  • Mama's "Apple Pie" Vape Juice

    Mama makes the best pies! This apple pie vape juice brings sweet, crisp Fuji apples against a backdrop of Mama's signature secret crust. Enjoy an apple pie as only Mama can make it!

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    products.price_now $16.99
  • Mama's "Blackberry Cheesecake" Vape Juice

    The best pies, fresh from Mama's kitchen! This amazing blackberry cheesecake e-liquid brings tart, ripe blackberries pureed and swirled into rich, sweet cheesecake, resting on a foundation of Mama's signature secret crust. Only Mama could make a pie this...

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    products.price_now $16.99
  • Mama's "Nana Nut Swirl" Vape Juice

    Mama always makes the best banana nut bread! This banana nut bread e-liquid has a secret swirl that truly sets it apart. Naturally, it opens with fresh, ripe banana, and rich, earthy walnuts, backed with a solid spiced bread, but swirled atop all that is...

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    products.price_now $16.99
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