WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


  • 120ml Empty Bottle

    The king-sized chubby bottle! This 120 ml chubby bottle is ideal for vape juice, and with 120 ml of capacity it'll store a whole lot of it. This empty e-liquid bottle is black with a black cap, and it's both totally chill and really fine-looking. If...

  • 18650 Battery Wrap (2 Wraps)

    Package of Two Pre-cut for protected 18650s, trim off 0.5cm for unprotected batteries. Perfect for re-wrapping or adding an extra layer of protection for your batteries. Heat gun recommended but a blow dryer should be sufficient.

  • 30ml Empty Bottle

    Need a spare bottle for mixing or division? Our 30ml chubby bottle is perfect for vape juice! This 30 ml e-liquid chubby bottle is black with a black cap for a nice subtle look, but still transparent enough that filling and checking e-juice levels is...

  • Aspire Nautilus Replacement Coils - Single

    The Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) design is a major upgrade when compared to similar single coil tanks because of the uniquely designed replaceable coil and airflow system.  It was designed differently to eliminate common issues such as an airy draw,...

  • Aspire Revvo Coil - Single

    Radial coils for your Revvo tank! This game-changing design unfolds the whole coil structure into a flat disk - the Aspire Radial Coil, or ARC. This one-of-a-kind coil is revolutionizing the stove-pipe design, increasing the surface area of the coil for...

  • Atlantis Replacement Tank/Glass

    Raise the capacity of your Atlantis to a full 5 ml! We love the Aspire Atlantis, but the TPD-compliant 2 ml capacity is a little limiting for an all-day vape. This Aspire Atlantis replacement tank acts as an extender, raising your tank capacity to 5 ml...

  • Atopack Penguin Tank with Coil - Single

    Why get your tank and coil separately? Pick 'em both up at once with our Atopack Penguin Tank with Coil! Plus, we've got both the giant 8.8 ml carts AND the TPD-compliant 2 ml versions. Compatibility Joyetech Atopack Penguin SE