WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Air Factory

  • Air Factory "Berry Rush" Vape Juice

    A rush of exotic berries for your vaping enjoyment! This flavor is more than just another mixed berry e-liquid: in addition to ripe, delicious blueberry, and sweet, sun-ripened strawberry, and tart, mouth-watering blackberry, Air Factory "Berry Rush"...

  • Air Factory "Blue Razz" Vape Juice

    No one truly knows what magic Air Factory uses to make their raspberries blue. Are they simply growing Rubus leucodermis - the White Bark Raspberry that's where the flavor of "Blue Raspberry" comes from - or is there some sorcery involved? They're not...

  • Air Factory "Melon Lush" Vape Juice

    Air Factory has yet again defied all expectations of logic and reason in producing their latest melon vape juice. After producing watermelons the size of houses, and honeydews the size of cars, Air Factory blends these megamelons with giant vats of taffy...

  • Air Factory "Strawberry Crush" Vape Juice

    Imagine the perfect strawberry pastry vape juice: hundreds of strawberries, hand-picked at the peak of their ripeness, winnowed down to only the five or ten best; fluffy, buttery layers of savory pastry crust, folded and folded dozens of times to produce...

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