WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


  • 120ml Empty Bottle

    The king-sized chubby bottle! This 120 ml chubby bottle is ideal for vape juice, and with 120 ml of capacity it'll store a whole lot of it. This empty e-liquid bottle is black with a black cap, and it's both totally chill and really fine-looking. If...

  • 18650 Battery Wrap (2 Wraps)

    Package of Two Pre-cut for protected 18650s, trim off 0.5cm for unprotected batteries. Perfect for re-wrapping or adding an extra layer of protection for your batteries. Heat gun recommended but a blow dryer should be sufficient.

  • 30ml Empty Bottle

    Need a spare bottle for mixing or division? Our 30ml chubby bottle is perfect for vape juice! This 30 ml e-liquid chubby bottle is black with a black cap for a nice subtle look, but still transparent enough that filling and checking e-juice levels is...

  • Atlantis Replacement Tank/Glass

    Raise the capacity of your Atlantis to a full 5 ml! We love the Aspire Atlantis, but the TPD-compliant 2 ml capacity is a little limiting for an all-day vape. This Aspire Atlantis replacement tank acts as an extender, raising your tank capacity to 5 ml...

  • Empty 60ml Unicorn Bottle

    The perfect size! This 60 ml unicorn bottle is perfect for vape juice, and the unicorn design keeps it small and easy to carry. This empty e-liquid bottle is clear with a clear cap, and is ready for whatever e-juice you'd like to put in it!